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Vehicle suspension

It is recommended that you have your vehicles shock absorbers inspected by a qualified person every 20,000kms, at Tyrepower Gladesville we have the latest equipment that allows us to check your shock absorbers and we will be able to give you a point out of how they are performing. Properly performing shock absorbers will provide you with a smoother and more comfortable ride

Our trusted mechanics can handle any suspension repair and other related issues. We have a wide range of premiere suspension replacement parts, and long standing relationships with some of the best well known suppliers in the industry. We also do aftermarket upgrades to your suspension including lifting and lowering as well as upgrading to specialized parts from the biggest brands in the industry including Ironman, Tough Dog, Bilstein, King Springs, Monroe, KYB, Nolathane, TRW, and many more.

Six Suspension Warning Signs

These six warning signs may be telling you that something is wrong with your suspension. If you notice any or all of them, we recommend you get your vehicle to Tyrepower Gladesville as soon as possible.

  • Your car dips forward when braking
  • Car doesn't handle properly around corners
  • Noises from the corners of your car
  • Having to drive around corners at slower speeds than normal
  • Unusual tread wear on your tyres
  • Moisture present on or around your shock absorbers

A professional suspension check-up by Tyrepower Gladesville will include listening to your query, taking the vehicle for a test drive and a full inspection of shock absorbers, springs, struts and all suspension system parts to check for faults or damage. Call us on (02) 9879 4455 to arrange a check-up.

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